Andre Wise


Current teams: GU16 Premier I 08 and GU11 Premier I 13

Coaching License: USSF National ‘D’ License

Coaching Experience: ‘83 Baltimore United (1998-2000, Assistant Coach), Meade High School Girls(1998-2007, Head Coach), ‘88 Baltimore Bays Girls (2003-2005, Assistant Coach), Damascus High School Boys (2009-present), ‘08 MAYAA Tsunami Girls (2016-2019)

Playing Experience: Towson University (1994-1998), Baltimore Colts (1998-2007, National Champs 2003 & 2007) Christos FC (2008-present, O30 National Champs 2012-2014)

What Is The Best Piece Of Soccer Advice That You Have Received?

Slow down.
If You Could Give One Piece Of Advice To A PSA Player Who Wants To Be A Soccer Coach What Would It Be?
Take bits and pieces of information that resonates with you from the coaches that work with you. That will be your foundation, the rest is yours to make.

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