Conditioning and Injury Prevention Program With Arrington Training and Development

Program Overview

Ages: Boys and Girls U12-U15

Dates:   All sessions will be held on Tuesday and Wednesdays during the 2022-2023 season. 

Winter: December 6 and 7-February 21 and 22 (Ten Sessions-Dates Off December 20 and 21, December 27 and 28. Make-Up Dates For Winter Closures- February 28 and March 1)

Spring: March 21 and 22-May  16 and 17 (Eight Sessions. Dates Off-April 4 and 5)

Times: All sessions will be held from 6-8pm

Location: Arrington Training and Development Facility (15151 Southlawn Ln STE F, Rockville, MD 20850)


Spring-$200/eight sessions

Winter-$250/ten sessions

Program Overview:

Athletes will be learning and developing the following:
• Proper movement mechanics for running and muscle development
• Soccer-specific exercises to help body withstand the rigors of the sport
• Strengthening of muscles that are the most injury-prone for soccer
• Coordination exercises to develop dynamic movement on the soccer field
• Extended activation exercises to adequately prepare the body and mind for competition
• Programming with long-term goals and development in mind

About Arrington Training and Development:

ATD Performance Training combines sports science and strength training to create soccer specific programs designed to enhance the strength, resilience, and movement quality of our athletes.

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