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U7/U8 Boys and Girls Soccer
FUN – It’s why we play!

Program Description

The U7/U8 PSA Futures was launched in 2010 to give boys and girls between 5 to 8 years old the opportunity to compete in a premier team environment under the tutelage of the Potomac Soccer Association staff. Training runs for 10 months each year with practices twice-a-week and weekend games in both the fall and the spring. Do you have a little one that demonstrates significant potential? PSA Futures is for those looking for a patient and a structured environment to foster their child’s talent.

PSA Futures Phase (U7/U8) 

  • Pathway – From Player Development League to Futures Phase
    Small Sided Soccer Formats (4v4-7v7)
  • 4 Levels of Growth – Character | Cognition | Technical & Tactical | Intro to Principles of Play
  • Introduction to Team and Travel Soccer
  • Focus on Development over Results
  • Player Centric approach to Coaching (Guide the Player/Guide the Team)
  • Promote learning with understanding & self evaluation during the process

How To Join

Every year, Potomac Soccer Association will hold tryouts in May/June to form new teams. Players may also join the program at any time throughout the seasonal year.

  1. If you don’t already have a Sports Connect account with Potomac Soccer Association, click HERE to create your account. Please note that the parent should be the account holder and you will then need to add your child as a participant. Once you have completed this you should be able to see the programs that your child is eligible for, select U7/U8 PSA Futures.
  2. Contact our Operations Director Mars Rabara and ask for an opportunity to attend the scheduled practices. Players may join the U7/U8 PSA Futures program at any time during the seasonal year.
  3. Attend the practice. Once the coach chooses you to participate, you will join the program and pay your fees via Sports Connect!
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Training Schedule

Practices are twice a week and will typically be Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Players will have one game on Saturday in the fall and  in the spring. Practices will continue indoors during the winter. We encourage players to attend as many practices and games as possible. Please also make sure that you are checking your TeamSNAP account for weather delays and cancellations as well as field changes.


The U7/U8 PSA Futures fee for 23-24 is $1,650. This covers all coaching, club, and league fees and is divided over ten months of the year (September thru June). Players joining mid-season will be pro prated. Uniform is an additional cost.


What Is The Skill Level Like For The Futures Program?

Players at the U7/U8 age group are like sponges and they learn new skills very quickly. With this in mind, we are very inclusive as we want to provide an opportunity for the player to develop. The main criteria are basic physical ability, agility, balance, coordination, and enthusiasm to play.

How Do You Select The Teams and Can My Child Play On The Same Team As Their Friends?

Many players who join the U7/U8 PSA Futures come with other players from their recreational team, school, or neighborhood. We try to place them together on a team at the beginning of the soccer year. Please note: it may not be possible to join a friend’s team mid-season as teams have already been selected. As they move into U9 and above, players will be selected by ability.

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