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Starting with the 2022-2023 season, Potomac Soccer Association will begin a new two-year uniform kit cycle. Starting with this season, PSA will be partnering with Capelli for our uniform kits and apparel. All PSA Gear will be ordered through Capelli (We will no longer be using soccer.com).

Capelli Sizing Chart  (Password PSA2022)

Uniform Items 

All required items below are a single quantity unless noted otherwise.

1.Empire Wavy Lines Home Match Jersey (White)

2.Empire Wavy Lines Away Match Jersey (Black)

3. Team Training Jersey (Pink)

4. Condor III Match Shorts (Black)

5. Match Soccer Socks

6. Drawstring Backpack

1. Empire Wavy Lines Home Match Jersey (White)

2. Empire Wavy Lines Away Match Jersey (Black)

3. Condor III Home Match Shorts (Gray)

4. Cube Home Match Socks (White/Gray)

5. Condor III Away Match Shorts (Black)

6. Cube Away Match Socks (Black)

7. CS One Training Top (Pink)

8. CS II Training Socks (Gray)

9. Tribeca Thermal Fleece 1/4 Zip Hoodie (Black)

10. Uptown Training Pants (Black)

11. Reversible Pinnie (Yellow/Blue)

12. Backpack (Black)

U19 (2004) Players-Please see the U19 tab at the bottom of the page for more information on your kits. 

1. Empire Wavy Lines Home Match Jersey (White)

2. Empire Wavy Lines Away Match Jersey (Black)

3. Condor III Home Match Shorts (Gray)

4. Cube Home Match Socks (White/Gray)

5. Condor III Away Match Shorts (Black)

6. Cube Away Match Socks (Black)

7. CS One Training Top (Pink)

8. CS II Training Socks (Gray)

9. Tribeca Thermal Fleece 1/4 Zip Hoodie (Black)

10. Uptown Training Pants (Black)

11. Reversible Pinnie (Yellow/Blue)

12. Backpack (Black)

Please Note: Goalkeepers DO NOT have to order both the Long-Sleeve and Short-Sleeve jerseys. The Condor III match shorts are being added as training shorts for goalkeepers. 

1. Madison Static II Long Sleeve Goalkeeper Jersey (Neon Green or Turquoise-Padding Optional)

2. Madison Static II Short-Sleeve Goalkeeper Jersey (Neon Green or Turquoise)

3. CS II Goalkeeper Shorts (Neon Green or Turquoise)

4. CS Match Socks (Neon Green or Turquoise)

5. Short-Sleeve Training Jersey (Pink)

6. CS II Training Socks (Light Grey)

7. Tribeca Therma Fleece 1/4 Zip Hoodie (Black)

8. Uptown Training Pants (Black)

9. Reversible Pinnie (Yellow/Blue)

10. Backpack (Black)

11. Condor III Match/Training Shorts (Black)

Uniform Kit Questions

Parents will receive a uniform link from Capelli directly (teamshop.donotreply@capellisport.com.) Please be sure to check all folders in your email including Spam/Junk. Please be sure to check all possible email addresses within your household. 

With U19 players graduating midway through the uniform cycle, PSA will be offering a pared-down uniform kit with just the matchday items and training tops (Items 1-8, 11) required for purchase. (For goalkeepers, the price varies slightly depending upon if you choose long-sleeve or short-sleeve). For more information, please go to your player’s Capelli page. 

As a reminder, please use the promo code CSGCPO61422 for $10.99 flat shipping cost

Futures- $149.00 Plus Shipping/Taxes

U11-U18- $359.00 Plus Shipping/Taxes

U19 Players- See the U19 Tab

As a reminder, make sure to use the promo code CSGCPO61422 for $10.99 flat shipping cost

In order to receive your invitation to order your uniforms, the player must accept their roster spot in SportsConnect and have their team set up in TeamSnap (The Capelli system requires that uniform numbers be provided and goalkeepers be identified prior to teams being added). Email invitations may take up to three business days to be processed. 

We strongly recommend families use a desktop computer to place their order and not do it on a mobile phone or tablet. 

You will receive one email per player. Please make sure to check the name that the email is addressed to when ordering. There may be some difference in time from when each link is sent out as it depends upon when the club receives the uniform numbers of the team. 

In travel soccer, travel teams purchase new uniforms every two years, as manufacturer products have a life availability of typically 2 years. Manufacturers and brand agreements are based on standardized kits so that the players in the club have a uniform and professional look. The leagues that we participate in also require that the players are outfitted appropriately and do not allow kits with multiple brands or not soccer-related apparel when participating. This is not anything that is new in club soccer and is not unique to Potomac. This is a two-year purchase in a rebranding year so while the upfront cost is more now, there are no requirements to purchase anything additionally next year. 

To order replacement uniform kit items or order extra items you will need to go through your son/daughter’s account page and order them. If you no longer have the link, use the buttons at the top of this page to indirectly access your page. 

If your son/daughter plays both as a goalkeeper and as a field player they will have the option of purchasing the full field player kit with the goalkeeper uniform as an option.

Exchanges must be made between the player and capellisport.com. PSA does not have extra uniforms. Embroidered or customized items cannot be returned.

If you have a question about your uniform number, please contact your coach.

Yes! There is a Capelli Sizing Chart  (Password PSA2022) on their website. Parents can also schedule an appointment with the PSA Office (13202 Executive Park Terrace Germantown, MD, 21701) during regular office hours to get their uniform-sized in person. Please contact our Program Assistant Marybeth Wall at marybeth.wall@potomacsocer.org to schedule an appointment. 

Replacement items can be ordered through the new PSA Team Store. PSA2022 is the password. 

To extend the life of your match jerseys, we recommend drying them under tumble dry low or hang drying due to a heat pressed badge. The embroidered badges on the training jacket and rain jacket can be washed and dried under regular washing and drying settings.

Currently, order fulfillment will take 3-4 weeks. 

Key Uniform Ordering Tips

Make sure to add your items all items to your cart and make sure all the sizes are correct. If you notice a size is incorrect and were to remove one item – it will automatically remove the ENTIRE package due to the ‘add all’ to cart function. 

Using your desktop/laptop is much easier to use when reviewing your cart and making your purchase.

The code can be entered at the field labeled Promo Code at check-out. 

Although as of this moment there are no delays in shipping or ordering, things may change. The sooner you can get your order placed, the sooner it will arrive. 


El sitio web de Capelli se puede traducir al español a través de Google Chrome. También puede programar una cita con la oficina principal de Potomac llamándonos al 301-519-8070.

Additional Questions?

For additional questions or for IT/Technical Support,  Capelli has a support team available 24/7 at customerservice@capellisport.com.  

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