About Us

The Potomac Soccer Association (PSA) of Montgomery County was founded in 1980 by Bill Wilson of Potomac, Maryland.

Formally incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization in 1982, the fundamental mission of PSA has remained the same as it is today: to promote soccer for area youth.

At Potomac Soccer Association we believe creating a soccer club based on a club-centric model, which means all of our teams are given the same opportunities and not run independently of each other while they all are fully supported by the office and the coaching staff.


What is our Potomac Soccer Association DNA?


Why does our organization exist?

To provide an environment for youth players to play and love the game within an educational structure. We want our players to learn the game and to be part of a system that provides them with great experiences and memories that will help shape their future in a positive way.

What are we teaching?

Through the use of our year-round curriculum and our holistic approach to player development, we strive to develop our players for the next levels of the game. Our Club-centric model allows players to grow and improve within a program that is constant and has a single style from one year to the next. Coaches teach the same style of play throughout the club and utilize different formations (e.g. 1-4-3-3) to challenge players’ cognitive abilities and to prepare them for all opponents.

How do we define winning?

Winning is when an individual or team challenge has been achieved. It is not about the score but about learning the skills required to be successful and be goal-driven.

How do we define losing?

Losing is all about how we teach our players to handle adversity and what lessons we can take away from the experiences we have faced when a team or individual objective has not been achieved.

What are the characteristics of the ideal player?

  • Skilled under pressure and ability to play in tight spaces
  • Good tactical awareness
  • Good positional sense
  • Good in-game intelligence
  • A strong understanding and ability to make decisions
  • Athleticism especially speed & agility
  • Competitive nature
  • Perform in a team dynamic
  • Strong Mental Qualities
  • Positive Attitude on & off the field
  • Be Humble as a player and person
  • Have an unshakeable belief that we can achieve our target
  • Always want more – always give more
  • Be demanding of yourself – Hold each other to a high standard
  • Focus on being mentally stronger and always keep going to the end
  • Show the desire to win in all that you do
  • 99% effort doesn’t cut it – don’t cut corners!
  • Enjoy and contribute to all that is special about being on a team – don’t take it for granted.
  • Every day is an opportunity to work harder, do better, and be your absolute best!

The ideal coach?

  • Educated & Knowledgeable
  • Fun
  • Competitive
  • Willingness to learn
  • Organized & a Strong Communicator
  • Hard Working
  • Honest
  • Fair
  • Role Model
  • Ability to Inspire and motivate

The ideal parent?

  • Educated & Knowledgeable about the club’s philosophy, training methods, and long term goals
  • Willingness to be patient
  • Supportive of the club’s direction

If the organization could accomplish one thing, what would it be?

To build a reputation for being a highly competitive club that develops the best young players who love the game, understand the game, and have coaches whose #1 goal is to develop players for every level of play.

What do we want for our children?

A safe, competitive, fun, and knowledgeable environment in which our players can thrive and enjoy the learning process. We want to be able to build friendships and memories way beyond the Potomac Soccer Association.

How do we have fun here?

Create an environment that is built on hard work, healthy competition, common goals, teamwork, and a belief in the system and its methods.

Interested to join?

Please fill out the form below to join us for a free training session with a PSA team.