Coaches In Training Program

The Potomac Soccer  Coaches-In-Training (CIT) program is a very competitive program designed to take campers who have demonstrated a good understanding of our standards and have a strong desire to work with children and provide them with the training and skills necessary to be successful as a coach. The participants in the CIT program are held to the highest standard when working with us. You will be expected to assist, and sometimes lead activities for younger players, and you will be expected to meet the responsibilities that are given to you as a CIT. The CIT program is fun but for different reasons than being a player. It is about discovering what you are capable of and finding your inner leader/coach.

What are the days, times and locations?  For the U7/U8 program, U7 teams practice on Tuesday and Thursday, while the U8 program practices Monday and Wednesday. For the fall of 2023, all practices will be held at the Potomac Community Center. Practices are typically held from 530-645. 

For exact dates, times and locations for the PSA Lil’ Futures please check out the Lil’Futures page.

Does PSA offer SSL hours? Yes.

How do I sign up/learn more? Please contact our Marketing Director Sean Maslin at sean.maslin@potomacsoccer.org

Interested to join?

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Fall Lil' Futures

Have a 2018-2015 player looking to get started in soccer? Take a look at our Fall Lil’ Futures Program! 

Lil’ Futures (2018-2015)