Haroot Hakopian


Current team: GU19/U18 PREMIER I 07

Coaching Licenses: USSF National ‘C’ Coaches License, NSCAA Advanced Coaches Diploma, NSCAA Special Topics Diploma in Analytics

Coaching Experience: Varsity Girls Coach at Churchill HS, Director of Girls Soccer at Montgomery County Public Schools

Education: BA Literature (University of Maryland-College Park), MA Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Adolescent Psychology (University of Scranton), PhD Candidate  Organizational Leadership and Learning (University of Vanderbilt)

If You Could Give One Piece Of Advice To A PSA Player Who Wants To Be A Soccer Coach What Would It Be? 

You don’t necessarily need to be the best player to be a really good coach. I tell players all the time that the knee injury that ended my soccer career led to me being a good coach because I started to paying attention to the game as a whole rather than just my individual technical/tactical skills.

What Is The Best Piece Of Soccer Advice That You Have Received?

Only mediocre people are always at their best – applies to real life as well 🙂

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